2017 Resume and reflections

Heylà! Ecco il mio usuale resoconto annuale! (praticamente scrivo solo questo nel blog).

Quest’anno è stato veramente duro per me in tantissimi ambiti e se ci ripenso, non riesco a capire nemmeno io come sia sopravvissuta.

Hi there! Here my usual year resume(I basically post only this in my blog).

This year was really hard for me and if I think about it I can’t figure how did I survived.
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2016 Resume!

IMG_8476 Anche questo 2016 sta giungendo a termine ed è il momento giusto per fare un piccolo resoconto.

Even this 2016 is ending and it’s time to make a little resume.

Quest’anno ho realizzato pochissimi cosplay rispetto a quelli che mi ero prefissata ma un po per via del poco tempo libero, un po per lo scarseggiare dei soldi (eh, come sempre mettere del poco di lato da investire per i cosplay è sempre più difficile) e un po soprattutto per colpa di un blocco “artistico(?)” che mi ha tolto completamente qualsiasi voglia di mettere mano alla macchina da cucire da agosto ad oggi.

This year I’ve made really few cosplay than those I planned because of not much free time, not much money (eh, saving money for cosplay is getting harder every year) and specially because an “creative(?)” block that took me away every will to work and sew from August ’till now.

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Happy New Year!



And also this 2015 is ending. It was not a real good year for my private life; I had a lot of problems, bereavements and difficulties to face. That’s why I would like to say thanks to my boyfriend that was always by my side, even when I was about to throw away all the efforts we made so far.
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Reflections about cosplay

I really admire cosplayers that knows the character they’re cosplaying and not so much the ones that : ”I just saw it, google some pics and cosplayed it”.

That happens to me a lot of times with cosplayers at Cons. A lot of League of legends cosplayers that don’t even know ANYTHING about  the game. Same thing for “Final Fantasy series” and a lot of more others famous games and anime. Just ask a Continue reading