Alice – Pandora Hearts

Pandora Hearts have a wonderful story. I’m sorry that anime ends and never get a second season, however you can read the manga! It will capture you in his mad world! Alice and Lacie were the characters I love the most. 


General InfoConstruction NotesPersonal Notes

  Name: Alice

 Series: Pandora Hearts

 Version: Standard

Time spent: 2 weeks

 Debuted: Etnacomics 2011

 Awards: Ons Vale 2013 (special mention Multipayer club)

Difficulty: stelle 3-5

Cost: coin_2-5


The coat is pretty labored but no so much difficult to make, just draw all the rhombus without a good stencil was a pain.


The scythe is about 2 meters long, made all on wood. Being the first weapon that I ever made, a friend of mine helps me a lot. We get an acceptable thing, but unfortunately in the convention a friend made the scythe falls and the tip breaks a little ç_ç Fortunately that was the only thing that happens, because it was a really heavy wood scythe.

I made that cosplay for wear it at the Etnacomics cosplay contest with a friend that cosplays Break and I enjoy a lot acting as a bipolar psychopathic meat eater!





℘Video Performance℘

I want to say that this was the first time on a quite important cosplay contest stage… with a 2m long heavy scythe… We were very nervous so we invented a little stupid skit just for not do a simple parade.

ps. That thing inside the hat was a marshmallow cord that we ate just after we get of the stage U_U


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