Gasai Yuno (Black Dress)

I think that Mirai Nikki is a really amazing anime. It left me speechless and I loved it a lot. Yuno is a cute psychopathic lovely girl that just want to love and be loved by Yuki. Despite time and space… And If you don’t know it, I recommend you to watch it.




General InfoConstruction NotesPersonal Notes

 Name: Gasai Yuno

 Series: Mirai Nikki

 Version:  Black Dress

 Time spent: 3 days

 Debuted: Halloween in Cosplay 2013

 Awards: //

 Difficulty: stelle 3-5

 Cost: coin_1-5


That dress is quite easy to make but the fabric I get was very difficult to sew and more than the 80% of the dress was hand sewed. They were 3 days of pain. Obviously, I use an old corset with cups as base because the  style was very similar to the top of Yuno dress  and folded with fabric and decorations. Then, I ended sewing the skirt and more details.

You can read a review about the lenses I used for this cosplay Here.




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