Judal is a psychopathic MAGI, at first I though he was a girl, because of his feminine traits, but then I discover that it was a men! Dammit!




General InfoConstruction NotesPersonal Notes

  Name: Judal

  Series: Magi the Labyrinth of Magic

  Version: Standard

  Time Spent: 1 week

  Debuted: Etnacomics 2013

  Awards: //

  Difficulty: stelle 2-5

  Cost: coin_2-5


Judal’s clothes are really easy to make. You can read the tutorial I’ve made for his pants HERE.


I made the bracelets and the collar gluing together pieces of soft tube (the transparent ones used to water the plants), putting some wire inside it to keep the shape and folded with gold fabric.


Wig was funny to make; I used extensions and foam balls sticked together with a long piece of wire.


MORE New pics incoming!


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