Rin Tohsaka

Rin is one of the protagonists of Fate Stay Night. She’ s a a quiet girl , thoughtful , serious and determined , sometimes shy and playful . I liked Rin because of her personality and because she was a sorceress and I love sorceresses !



General InfoConstruction NotesPersonal Notes

   Name: Rin Tohsaka

   Series: Fate Stay Night

   Version: Standard

   Time spent: 3 days

   Debuted: Carnevale allo Zsazsa 2010

   Awards: //

   Difficulty: stelle 1-5

   COST: coin_1-5


I bought a red long sleeves shirt and add the buttons and draw the white cross.

Her cosplay was pretty easy to make, but, being the first I wasn’t very careful. I didn’t buy a good wig and don’t wear lenses… Well… I think I can be forgiven since it was only the first in a long series!



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