Shinobu Oshino


I think Monogatari series is really different and particular than any other anime series. Is unique and some episodes can be really hard to understand and some others awakes a lot of personal feelings and inner reflections. Shinobu was the character I love the most of course.  Specially in Nisemonogatari; such a great vampire and so much sadness around her.

General InfoConstruction NotesPersonal Notes

    Name: Shinobu Oshino

    Series: Nisemonogatari / Monogatari second season

    Version: Standard

    Time spent: 1 week

    Debuted: 2016

    Awards: //




Making  a huge apron dress was not so easy for pattern reasons, But I manage to do it after few attempts; creating a flat square top and really fluffy bottom.


I was lucky to find a pair of white sandals in a street market very similar to Shinobu’s one. I just painted the bow. You can see the tutorial clicking HERE.