Ada Wong

It’s difficult to me to explain how much I love this character. The first video game I played was RE4. That game makes me go crazy about videogames that when i end playing all the Resident Evil series (yeah, I played RE4, then RE2, RE1 and RE3) I start playing others video games series as Final Fantasy, Silent Hill, Tales of and other…. Just like Ada, so smart, elegant, dangerous, mysterious and strong the she became my muse. That’s why I have tattooed the butterfly of Ada’s dress ( I think I’ m just a little crazy and obsessed too).




General InfoConstruction NotesPersonal Notes

  Name: Ada Wong

  Series: Resident Evil 4

  Version: Standard

  Time spent: 1 week

  Debuted: Halloween Cosplay Night 2012

  Awards: Best Group

  Difficulty: stelle 2-5


The making of this cosplay was much like a psychologic  pain that any other thing. I was afraid of  making something bad, get the wrong shade of color or the wrong fabric; don’t find a good pair of shoes or that the gun holder doesn’t like as a ”bag of potatoes”. So, in short words, I was afraid of ruin the character.

After a lot of hours of gameplay, infinite research on web and a lot of patience , I could get everything as I wanted. Of course, I’m not a mastered seamstress and I know that I have not made a ”haute couture” dress, but I thing I made a passable work. For the shoes I needed to buy a pair with an ankle-strap, because with others similiars shoes I just don’t feel comfortable to walk (and yes, I justify myself swing that the actress of Ada in the film have the same kind pair of shoes like mines). I found the brooch behind the neck between my grandma thing and still today, I jealousy guard it. The gun holder was a gift from a friend! A really professional  leather gun holder!

Thanks tho this cosplay and our group, we won the Halloween Cosplay Night as a group. Somehow there should be the video performance, I’m sure that it is a bad quality video, but if I find it, I’ll try to add it to this page 🙂


Resident Evil 2



General InfoConstruction NotesPersonal Notes

  Name: Ada Wong

  Series: Resident Evil 2

  Version: Standard

  Time spent: 1 month

  Debuted: Coming Soon

  Awards: Best Group

  Difficulty: stelle 2-5

  Cost: coin_1-5


Another version of my lovely spy Ada Wong <3 In RE2 was were Ada and Leon first meet and the begin of the lovely/strange pairing !

That version was not so much difficult to make, and I don’t still know why I spent so much time to make it. Who played the game, knows that her hair is absolutely not as the one of the official character picture, but it is pretty similiar to the RE4 haircut. I will use the dress as base for the Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles when I’ll get so much patience to make all the accessories.


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