Aqua is one of the main characters of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. I love her and her story and the end of the game makes me feel very sad…

I made this cosplay with some friends. We made a really cute Kingdom Hearts Birth By sleep Group and I enjoy a lot with my friends.



Character02 - Aqua02

General InfoConstruction NotesPersonal Notes

Name: Aqua

Series: Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep

Version: Standard

Time spent: 1 month

Debuted: Cospladya 2012

Awards: //

Difficulty: stelle 4-5

Cost: coin_3-5


Once I get the wig from internet, I noticed that the blue shade color was wrong and I must to take  the blue side fabric color similar to the wig shade, and I know that is not really like it should be. The corset should be made in faux leather but in that moment my sewing machine was a little rebel and refuses to sew leather. I used a fabric that I can’t describe very well, like a rally strong, shiny cotton reinforced, that thing doesn’t get my machine trying to self-destruction. I sewed the blue and  white parts on the bottom part to a elastic that goes  under the corset just for trying to make it the most invisible as possible.


The arms armor were made with foam and shoes  were made with foam covered with a metallic silver fabric. The keyblade was fully made of wood. Even If I was afraid about the stability because of the central holes, it doesn’t had any kind of problem.

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