D.va / Hana Song

 Overwatch is such a great game! I really enjoy playing it few hours during my free time. I really like playing with Widowmaker and D.va even if I’m not so good ahahah but I really love D.va style, representation,  quotes and history… I’m such a gamer girl like her… so now… NERF THIS! 😛 



General InfoConstruction NotesPersonal Notes

Name: D.va ( Real name: Hana Song)

Series: Overwatch

Version: Standard

Time spent: 2 weeks ( Shoes, props and wig)

Debuted: Akracomics 2017

Awards: Most similar to character award

Difficulty: stelle 2-5



I received a wrong style and color wig ç3ç It was curly and light brown but I managed to style it the best I could!


I bought this costume on Cospicky. It is really good quality but size in cm  was really weird. I choose an M size and it was a little big on torso, perfect on legs and butt and little on shoulders and short in sleeves D: I just re-sew the torso part to make it set better to the body but need to find a way to adjust sleeves ç3ç


Found a pair of full white shoes on local market and just paint it to get it most similar to D.va’s ones!


Headset and gun were 3D printed  by my boyfriend and me. You can ask for commission in our page Silverground.