Lilith Aensland – Darkstalkers

I don’t have so much to say about how much I love Lilith. I felt in love with her since the first time I put Darkstalkers 3 on my console. Once that Darkstalkers Ressurrection was released I saw my lovely Lilith with a new perspective that when I was 12, I couldn’t have and I really enjoy it. She is so adorably childish, strong and psychopathic strong that it is impossible not love her.



General InfoConstruction NotesPersonal Notes

Name: Lilith Aensland

Series: Darkstalkers

Version: Standard

Time Spent: 2 weeks

Debuted: Katagames 2015

Awards: Special mention of the Jury

Difficulty: stelle 4-5

Cost: coin_4-5


The leotard is made by faux leather as the large wings on the back and the little ones on the head. Pantyhose’s bats were painted with a special pen for fabric.


Large wings were made out of pvc pipes molded for get the right shape and folded with faux leather. The horns on top are made out of clay.

Little wings on the head were made out of wire also  molded and folded with faux leather.

Her cosplay was not so easy to make. Find a pair of pantyhose with a full opaque color was difficult, I spent a lot of time searching on web. Then with the stockings on my legs, my boyfriend hand-draw the bats. It was funny because I get those bat tattoos on my legs for 2 days after I put pantyhose off. The most difficult thing were the wings, because it was my first time doing things like this and I wanter to made back attachment the most invisible as possible.

The entire cosplay was made in faux leather, It was very expensive, but  it was satisfactory to make a character that I keep secretly in my heart for long time. Well, sometimes being flat chested helps a lot!

…… And now, you can understand from where I get inspiration for my nickname!


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