Rinoa Heartilly

Final Fantasy is absolutely one of my favorite game series. In the beginning of FFVIII I couldn’t understand well how to use the junction and I get lost in the word map… yeah, it was one of my firsts RPG games. I used to hate Squall… But after the second disk, I start falling in love with it. I loved how his personality changes thanks to Rinoa.I have not leveled up the characters well the first time and the end of the game the battle against Ultimecia was full of anxiety and tears. Fortunately, after I don’t even know how many tests , I was able to finish the game .

FFVIII Promo Art 4

General InfoConstruction NotesPersonal Notes
  Name: Rinoa Heartilly

  Series: Final Fantasy VIII

  Version: Standard

  Time spent: 2010 version: 1 week

                          2016 version: 1 year

  Debuted: 2010 version: Picnic cosplay

                      2016 version: FFVIII The Movie Photoshoot

  Awards: //

  Difficulty: stelle 5-5



 2010 version was made out with of ribbed fabric and wings just drew with white  fabric color.

→ UPDATE: In the 2016 version,  duster was full hand knitted, it takes me a lot (more or less a year). I took a few lessons in knitting by an elderly friend of my aunt , who very patiently taught me various tricks and followed me during various phases of the development and in my panic moments . It  was the most unpleasant work I have made in all these years as cosplayer , but also the more satisfying. As for the skirt , we created a pattern which we printed on fabric. I tried to focus on every detail from hair to boots. I’ve remade my costume also  because of our project: FFVIII The Movie.

2016 Version

2010 Version




General InfoConstruction NotesPersonal Notes

  Name: Rinoa Heartilly

  Series: Final Fantasy VIII

  Version: Ballroom

  Time spent: 1 week

  Debuted: Katagames 2014

  Awards: Best Performance (Katagames 2014)

Best Couple (Japan Fest 2015)

   Difficulty: stelle 3-5

   Cost: coin_3-5

I love this version of Rinoa, she wears it the first time she meets Squall at Balamb Garden and ask him to dance with her.

The difficulties in this dress were:

1.Color shades and fabrics. We debated about it a lot.

2. The fabrics we get were very beautiful, expensive,  delicate and damn SLIPPERY, it was a nightmare to work with it.

We learned the choreography in … 3 days? And we won the award for “Best Performance” at Katagames 2014. Although, unfortunately we messed half a step at the end ç_ç (We had widened too much).

UPDATE 2015:  I change my wig with a really better one  and we won again as ”Best couple” at Japan Fest cosplay contest. <3




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