Reborn is a really funny anime. We made a really big cosplay group in 2010! We were a lot of cosplayers and I knew just 2-3 people ç_ç At first, I felt as an stranger, but then we became all more friendly (even in real life!)


General InfoConstruction NotesPersonal Notes

Name: I-Pin

Series: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Version: Adult  

Time Spent: 1 week

Debuted: Natale in Cosplay

Awards: //


Cost: coin_1-5


It was the first time for me sewing satin… it was a nightmare. I sewed the gold cords by hand with a transparent thread, get an old pair of white trousers from my mom’s closet and modified to make it look similar to I-pin ones.

The funniest thing to do was the hairstyling! I used my own hair (fortunately I had it black and quite long) but I refuses to cut my fringe so short as it should be!


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