Frequently Asked Questions: 


Cosplay related (costumes, beauty and materials)

1: What was your first costume and why?
Rin Tohsaka, because it was an easy cosplay and because I really like her.

2: What is your favorite costume and why?
My fav costume is Ada Wong’s one. I spend a lot of time to make it and I like the fact that I don’t make it in satin as everyone does and it fits perfect. I love Ada and RE series since I was fifteen.

3: Where do you buy your wigs?
I buy my cosplay wigs on Ebay or on Aliexpress.

4: Where do you buy circle lens?
On the reviews  I wrote here, I always include the store from where I get it. Usually,  I buy lens from Pinky Paradise and Honeycolor .

5: Where do you buy fabrics?
I buy almost all the fabrics of my cosplay in local stores in my town. Sometimes,  when the stores don’t have the specific fabric (or color) I need,  I buy on Tessuti.com .

6: Do you take commissions?
Yes, You can fill the form  on the section “contact me” or send me a private message on my Facebook page.

7: Are you a professional seamstress?
I’m actually studying to become a professional seamstress and fashion designer.

8: What make-up brand do you use for cosplay?
I use more or less the same that I use daily.  Brands are medium quality with very affordable prices as Kiko,  Sephora, Maybeline and Elf .More expensive  make-up do not make you automatically prettier than cheaper make-up. The important thing is learn to use it well.

9: How long do you work on your costumes? How much do they cost?
I’m a very lazy and slow seamstress. I need a lot of time to make something like I want to have it. But I don’t know how, sometimes I can be very fast and get quite good results. Also the costs vary a lot. There are some cosplays where I spent just 15€ (as I-pin)  and others where I spent more than 200€ (as Etna’s cosplay stuff).

10: Are you a professional cosplayer?
I don’t consider myself a professional cosplayer.  Cosplay is just a hobby that I make in my spare time and I consider the cosplay commissions as a part-time job.  I have a normal job (more or less ) and I also study at a private academy. I love cosplay and modeling but, right now, I don’t consider it as a job.

11: Do you have a dream costume you’d like to make?
I have a lot of costumes I’d like to make… and I will try to  get those dreams to life! I need just time and money…

12: What kind of character do you like?
I like loli, tsundere and yandere characters. I really appreciate petit body characters among the super busted girls  that everyone loves (maybe because I’m a member of the flat chested team…..). Rarely I like ”femme fatal” characters as Ada Wong or Bayonetta.

13: What has been your most memorable cosplay experience?
Final Fantasy concert at Etnacomics 2013, It was an happy experience. Me and my boyfriend where Rinoa and Squall and we enjoy all the concert dancing and making crazy thing as the chocobo racing ;  everybody enjoyed about us.

14: Have you won any awards for your costumes?
I have won some awards with my cosplays. I’ve put a little crown on the preview image on cosplays that have won 1 or more prizes.


Shooting  and conventions

1: Who takes and edits your photos?
Most of my oldest cosplay pictures were taken by friends at conventions/events. They were not professional pics but token just for fun. The most recently pictures were made by skilled photographers friends and their names are write on the pics  in the cosplay gallery, respecting their copyrights. Most of my pictures are edited by me,  but the most amazing edited pictures I get are made by Silverground .

2: How do you find your shooting locations? Do you have to pay to use them?
Most of the pictures I have are made in the conventions buildings or nearby. Others shootings were made outside conventions in public spaces as gardens or abandoned buildings.

3: Do you sell posters or cosplay prints?
Yes, you can visit my store HERE

4: Can I use your photo for photo manipulation or other things?
All pictures are under copyright so, if you really want to use/ modify one of my pictures please, contact me first.

5: In which conventions do you go more often?
I usually go just  to the conventions and events made here in Sicily. Because I can’t save enough money to travel to others conventions in Italy or in Europe, but I hope to do it someday.


About Lilitherz

1: Where does your nickname come from?
My nickname was fully created by me. It is inspired by Lilith  and Elizabeth Bathory two legendary women who caught my attention. I love old demons and vampire stories they fascinate me a lot. Indeed, I really love how they represents those legendary women:  Lilith in Darkstalkers and Elizabeth Bathory in Fate extra CCC .

2:  Where are you from?
I was born in Cuba but I actually live in Italy, precisely in Sicily.

3: Do you have a boyfriend?
Yes,I’m in love with my boyfriend, we live together and we have 2 cats that we rescued when they were just 2 weeks old.

4: How did you meet your boyfriend?
We meet the first time at Etnacomics 2011. We were just ”internet friends” who don’t even talk each other but  we just start talking and going out together in 2013.

5: I saw your profile on a website and I am not sure if this is really you or a faker! What shall I do?
Please report all suspicious profiles  to me. I always managed to get the fake accounts deleted. I don’t want that anyone pretends to be me and talks in my name, so please report directly using the contact form or sending me a private message on my facebook page!



to be continued…

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