[Tutorial] Demon Wings


Halloween is coming and I want to share with you this little tutorial of how I made those little demon wings. You can use it for cosplay purpose or even for a cute halloween costume!

you will need:

  • Stretch metallic fabric
  • Wire
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Some pins
  • Sewing Machine

Step 1: 

I start making a wire base leaving a round/squared shape in the inner part.

Demon wings tutorial devil cosplay sew  lilitherz

STEP 2: 

Cut the fabric 1cm larger than the wire shape.

Demon wings tutorial devil cosplay sew lilitherz


Sew with a sewing machine the borders, leaving the inner and the  bottom part open. Turn over the fabric and fold the wire securing with pins.

Demon wings tutorial devil cosplay sew  lilitherz



Sew the bottom part with the sewing machine very closer to the edge. Then, sew the inner contour close to the wire to add definition to the shape.  And then, just hand sew the inner part.

Demon wings tutorial devil cosplay sew  lilitherz


Final result:



Now, just sewing it to your dress around the wire in the inner part, you will get this:

Demon wings tutorial devil cosplay sew lilitherz miku heart hunter

Hope this tutorial can be useful!

[TIP] Set up / organize cosplay things

I’m not a very organized person, but for cosplay,  I try to keep cosplay things in order for not losing things and get mad ;P

That’s my way to store those things:


I have two cardboard boxes with cute kitties on it for store all my cosplay wigs.

I like to put a label on wig’s bag to recognize every wig without opening the plastic bag. I write color, length and character. It’s a quite good tip for not get crazy searching for a specific wig between a lot of similar wigs.




I use to store lens in little boxes like this. I use two different kind of boxes for divide mines from my boyfriend ones. So even him can get his lenses without any problem. I change the solution every month or every two weeks to prevent the formation of any kind of germs.




I use this kind of transparent box to keep all my fabrics in order. Often, I use plastic bag to keep together fabrics for specific characters and not confuse them with similar fabric I could have with different length or saved for any other cosplay project.



I have a very little wardrobe and I even share it with my boyfriend (of course x’D), so I keep in the wardrobe  only those kind of cosplay that really needs to be hanged up, as Squall’s ballroom dress, Rinoa’s ballroom dress and some kinds of school uniforms.

Anything else is stored in recycled plastic bags from sheets bags or other kind of firm transparent bag like this one.



I would like to buy a folding camping wardrobe to get all cosplay clothes, shoes, wig and accessories in a single place, but my house is very small and sadly, I don’t have enough space for it. Maybe the day I’ll move to a new house I could consider it again. For now it will be only a dream <3


Cosplay weapons

Long time ago I used to hang up on the wall my cosplay weapons and props, but you know, I didn’t had a lot of thing. Now I keep them on the highest level of the shelf. Some are still on my parent’s house but I still had no time to go get them.



And you, how do you get in order your cosplay things?